Top Causes of Unintentional Injury and Death in Homes and Communities

According to the National Safety Council, Injury Facts 2017, about 146,571 people
died from unintentional injury-related deaths in 2015.

These deaths are at an all-time high. Often, these tragedies happen when least expected – during
a vacation, while doing chores at home or while driving across town – and they are all preventable.
NSC encourages everyone to be aware of hazards related to leisure and recreational activities and
take proper safety precautions. Here, in order, are the top causes of unintentional injury and death
in homes and communities.

#1: Poisoning
#2: Motor Vehicle Crashes
#3: Falls
#4: Choking and Suffocation
#5: Drowning
#6: Fires and Burns
#7: Natural and Environmental Incidents

Stonetrust wants to keep you and your family safe. Please become familiar with the following safety topics:
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