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To report a workers compensation claim by FAX or MAIL, use the appropriate form for your state below. You can also save it to your computer and email it to

Upon receipt of your claim, we will file the appropriate documents with the proper regulatory authorities in your state.

BY FAX: Complete the appropriate claim form and fax it toll free to 866.923.1871.

BY MAIL: Complete the appropriate claim form and mail it to us at:
                5615 CORPORATE BLVD, SUITE 700
                BATON ROUGE, LA 70808

BY EMAIL: Complete the appropriate workers compensation claim form, save it to your computer, and email it to

Please report all claims to us immediately to ensure prompt investigation and payment of benefits. A delay in payment of benefits may result in the assessment of penalties. Drug testing should be completed on the day of the accident.

All accidents must be reported to Stonetrust. The State may assess a penalty against your company if workers compensation claims with disability are not reported to them within ten (10) days of the accident.