> Policyholder Payment Portal
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Stonetrust's Policyholder Payment Portal allows you to complete your Monthly Self Audit Report online with the option of making an electronic payment directly from your checking account. Policyholders on installment billing plans may also pay their invoices electronically. Although automatic payment of recurring installment billings is not available at this time, payment information is securely stored for future use. Follow these steps to use the system:

Step 1 - Register and create a username and password
Step 2 - Enter the payroll amounts in the "Actual Payroll" field on the MSA form and press the "Calculate" button when done
Step 3 - Press "Submit" on the MSA form to send the payroll information to Stonetrust
Step 4 - Press the "Pay" button to make an electronic payment

> Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization PDF

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the automatic transfer of premium payments from your bank account.

By electing to pay your premium through EFT, you will eliminate the direct bill service fees, postage and the possibility of being assessed additional fees due to late payment.

Policies eligible for this payment method are:

  1. Installment Pay Plan Only (Monthly Self Audit accounts are not eligible)
  2. New Business or Renewal Business to begin only at the policy period effective date (NO mid-term changes will be allowed)

Enrollment is easy! Simply click on the above link, complete the authorization form, sign and return the form with all other policy documents (application, exclusion form, renewal invoice, etc.) requested to:

  • Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company
    5615 Corporate Blvd., Suite 800
    Baton Rouge, LA 70808

**Please remember we must receive the completed and signed authorization form and a voided check to complete your enrollment in the EFT process.