Employers who have implemented effective company policies and record-keeping benefit by having fewer claims and less costly claims. Company policies may include:

  1. Having a drug policy that is endorsed by each employee and posted at the workplace (perform testing the day of an accident);
  2. Maintaining thorough personnel records;
  3. Documenting pre-existing injuries with a second injury fund questionnaire (useful in second injury fund recoveries);
  4. Documenting part-time employees (anyone not guaranteed 40 hours per week);
  5. Posting the “Workers’ Compensation Notice” (mailed with your policy); and
  6. Thorough pre-employment screening.

By requiring pertinent information with an employment application and checking references, employers can be more confident that they are hiring credible workers. Having a drug policy and employee handbook alerts employees to the standard of conduct you expect in the workplace. Stonetrust provides the following sample employment documents, including an employment application, employee handbook, drug policy, and second injury fund questionnaire to its policyholders.